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Membership Rates 2019 January to December

Subscription Joining Fee
Full seven-day membership £1,308 £1,308
Six-day membership £1,112 £1,112
Intermediate membership 35 to 39 years  (full playing rights) £1,050 £1,050
Intermediate 30 to 34 years (full playing rights) £920 £920
Intermediate 25 to 29 years (full playing rights) £660 £660
Intermediate 18 to 24 years (full playing rights) £200 £200
Junior membership 8 to 17 years £131 £60
£60 joining fee is returned in lesson vouchers with the Professional    
Junior cubs 5 to 7 years £67 Nil
A Junior cub member must have a playing member relative to join    
Social Membership includes 6 rounds of golf at any time £234 £234

Our subscription year commences on the 1st January. Subscriptions can be paid on a monthly scheme, however joining fees are a one off lump sum payment.

There is now a waiting list on 7 day membership which also includes Intermediate categories. 6 Day membership is available.

We continue to welcome all Junior and Cub applications and are pleased to report we have a thriving section.  

Please contact the General Manager Dave Carlisle for any membership enquiries.

For any prospective members please see our membership booklet below.



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