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Ladies Pumpkin Waltz  - 23/10/18

 1st Place: 80 Points - Denise Page (Willow Valley), Veronica Whitehill (Marsden) & Wendy Scott (Marsden)

 2nd Place: 79 Points - Carol Dudley (WHGC), Joan Lee (WHGC) & Joan Wood (WHGC)

 3rd Place: 74 Points - Pat Hand (Ryburn Golf Club), Fran Ives (WHGC) & Pat Brewster (WHGC)


100th Birthday Celebration

Congratulations to Mrs Beth Precott on her 100th birthday! She can be seen in the photos enjoying a celebratory afternoon tea with friends.




Mr Captain’s 5 Club Challenge – Sunday 9th September 2018

An update on my “5 club challenge”, raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. Not quite on the same scale as Ben Fogle’s “Everest Challenge”, although Monday morning, my leg’s say otherwise!
I set off from Woodsome around 07.45 with my wife Janet, arriving at Huddersfield GC around 09.10, where Madam Captain and I played the 13th guided by Club Captain Brad Tupman. I was joined by Garry Blakeley on the stage to Outlane GC via the Kirklees Way, arriving just after 11.00, where Madam Captain and I both made a 5 down the 1st.
Next a little amble across the Colne Valley to Crosland Heath GC, again supported by Janet, arriving around 12.30, where Madam Captain and I played up the tough 4th. I was then joined by Charles Haygarth for the yomp round Crosland Edge to Meltham GC, arriving just before 14.00. We were met by Club Captain Mark Bailey who provided a wonderful lunch for all.
Off down the 1st Madam Captain and I went (I made par!). Next the long stretch via Wood Nook, Magdale, Castle Hill back to Woodsome, accompanied by Ange Haygarth, Janet, daughter Sophie & Fitness Coach Josh Taylor. We arrived at Woodsome around 16.30, where a few members witnessed Madam Captain and I play the 18th.
Total walking distance including golf 25.4 miles, for you “steppers”, that is a little over 55,000 steps!
A big thank you to Madam Captain for keeping us all replenished with food and water via the “support vehicle”, my fellow walkers and all members for their generous donations made so far.  To date the challenge has raised over £1000. Any further donations would be greatly received. 
Steve Armitage
Club Captain
Captains 5 Club Challenge - Huddersfield GCCaptains 5 Club Challenge - Meltham
Huddersfield Golf Club                                                      Meltham with Captain Mark Bailey
 Captains 5 Club Challenge - 320 yrds to goCaptains 5 Club Challenge - We did it
 320 Yards to go!                                         Last Stop Woodsome Hall                                 We did it!



Teams of 4. 90% Handicap Stableford. 2 to score and all to score on 15.

1st Prize  -  85 Points  -  Kay Heppenstall, Carol Fretwell (Woodsome Hall) Miranda Hawkyard & Pam Coultie (Fixby)

2nd Prize  -  84 Points  -  Carol Dudley, Emma Taylor (Woodsome Hall), Carol Crowther (Outlane) & Jean Gee (Fixby)

3rd Prize  -  81 Points  -  Fran Ives, Julie White (Woodsome Hall), Sue Bancroft (Market Rasen) & Kathryn Hughes (Oakdale)

(wins on count back)     

Nearest the line on 2nd  Joan Wood (Woodsome Hall)

Nearest the pin on 7th    Carol Dudley (Woodsome Hall)

2s Competition              Pat Smith (Meltham)

Ladies Inv Winners



Congratulations to the following winners of our Seniors Open Competition:

1st Place:  Mr D MacDonald & Mr R Brown (Sand Moor Golf Club) - Score: 48

2nd Place:  Mr B Egerton & Mr G Ashley (Astbury Golf Club) - Score: 44 (Back 9 26)

3rd Pace:  Mr A Humphries & Mr T Paul (Huddersfield Golf Club) - Score: 44 (Back 9 25 & Back 6 18)

4th Place:  Mr I Johnson & Mr R Gray (Sale Golf Club) - Score: 44 (Back 9 25 & Back 6 17)

5th Place:  Mr M Motley & Mr C Lee (Sickleholme Golf Club - Score: 44 (Back 9 21)

We hope everyone who played enjoyed the day.


Mixed Open - Sunday 19th August 2018

A fabulous day with a full field of 41 teams playing in the new format of Stableford Best Man/Best Woman score to count on each hole

Results; All subject to verification with England Golf

1st Place: Mrs D Riley (Dewsbury), Mrs J Charnley Brown (Longley Park), Mr A Charnley Brown (    ), Mr Z Ahmed (Wakefield) - 85pts

2nd Place: Mrs J White, Mrs H Staniforth, Mr C White, Mr J Brooks (All Beauchief) - 82pts

3rd Place: Mrs S Priest, Mrs C Rabjohn, Mr T Priest, Mr M Rabjohn (     ) - 80pts

4th Place: Mrs J Ryder (Mottram Hall), Mrs S Ormrod (Turton), Mr J Delaney (Mottram Hall), Mr D Greenwood (Turton) - 78pts

10th Hole - Nearest the pin man Ian Oldfield 3mts 62cms

10th Hole - Nearest the pin lady - HOLE IN ONE !!!!!!!!! Tracy Favell from Lees Hall Golf Club - Congratulations.


Rabbits Open - 5th August 2018


1st Place: 49 Points - D Norris & R Johnson (Crosland Heath)

2nd Place: 48 Points - M Crisp & A Crisp (Rawdon)

3rd Place: 47 Points - R Hinchley & M Goody (Harrogate)

4th Place:  44 Points after C/B - M Coupland & N Rowland (Woodsome Hall)

Longest Drive: A Crisp (Rawdon)

Nearest the Pin: R Ray (Woodsome Hall)

Congratulations to the above & to everyone who took part.


Hawksworth Salver - 3rd August 2018

Woodsome Ladies had a good day at the Bradford Golf Club. The Scratch team won the Hawksworth Scratch Team's Salver (for the 4th year running)

and one of our (2) handicap teams was the runner up in the Hawksworth Handicap Team's Salver too. They were only one shot behind the winners.

So next year we are really hoping to do the double!

 The Scratch team was Melissa Wood, Anne Taylor, Emma Taylor.


The handicap team was Joan Wood, Louise Field and Sue Carter.




Congratulations to the following winners:

Best Gross:  James Bailey (Meltham GC) - 75

Division 1 (0-18)

Winner:  Habib Khan (Willow Valley GC)  -  77-11-66

Runner Up:  Jacob Wood (Renishaw Park GC)  -  84-16-68

Division 2 (19-36)

Winner:  Alex Croft (Hanging Heaton GC)  -  92-23-69 Back 9

Runner Up:  Harry Micklethwaite (Willow Valley GC)  -  91-22-69

Nearest the Pin 7th

18 Holes:  James Bailey

Nearest the Pin 10th

18 Holes:  Zac Holdroyd


1st Place:  Adam Nair (Dubai)  -  34 pts

2nd Place:  Aiden Cuarteo (Phoenix GC)  -  29 pts

3rd Place:  Ethan Battye (WHGC)  -  22 pts

4th Place:  Jack Dyson (Dewsbury GC)  -  20 pts

Nearest the Pin 10th:  Harvey Lloyd


McGill Bowl Invitation Day - Saturday 14th July 2018

The McGill Bowl was presented to the club by Past Captain Mr T D McGill in 1949.

The present format is an invitational competition played as a 4 ball better ball stroke Stableford at 90% handicap.

The pairs taking part must have a Woodsome Member.  

It was a wonderful day for golf but thankfully not too hot, 178 players took part. Paul McGill the grandson of the founder came up from the South of England to present the prizes. Also present was Ray McGill the son of Mr T D MGill.

The competition was run by the Clubs Professional John Eyre aided by his assistant Professionals. The quality of the golf was first rate with many saying that the course was in excellent condition with some of the best greens they had played on.

After the presentation there was a dinner in the Clubhouse.

Winners:  44 Points  -  Simon Farrar (WHGC) & Andrew Whitfield (Bradley Hall GC)

Left to Right: Ray McGill, Paul McGill, Simon Farrar, Andrew Whitfield could not be present and our Captain, Steve Armitage

McGill Bowl 2018 - Winner    

2nd Place:  43 Points  (Back 9 count back) -  George Foster (WHGC) & Oliver Clark (Woolley Park GC) 

Left to right: George Foster, Oliver Clark, Captain and Paul McGill

McGill Bowl 2018 - 2nd Place

3rd Place:  43 Points  -  Philip Sawyer (WHGC) & Robert Berry (Meltham GC)

Left to right:  Robert Berry, Ray McGill, Philip Sawyer, Captain and Paul McGill

McGill Bowl 2018 - 3rd Place

4th Place:  42 Points (Back 9 count back)  -  Joe Fielding (WHGC) & Andrew Collings (Wortley GC)

Unfortunately they could not attend the presentation.

5th Place:  42 Points  -  David Mitchell (WHGC) & Peter Thomas (Royal Birkdale GC)




Congratulations to the following winners;

1st Place:  Mr T Ketteringham (Hallamshire GC) & Mr P Hoy (Lindrick GC)  -  Score:  45

2nd Place:  Mr A Morey & Mr N Cunliffe (Shaw Hill GC)  -  Score:  44

3rd Place:  Mr T Lee & Mr S Roberts (Doncaster Town Moor GC)  -  Score:  43

4th Place:  Mr A Beale & Mr P Fisher (Ashby Decoy GC)  -  Score:  42  (Back 9  22)

5th Place:  Mr M Wilson & Mr D Wilson (Howley Hall GC)  -  Score:  42  (Back 9  20)

We hope everyone who played, enjoyed the day.



Teams of 4. 90% Handicap Stableford. 2 to score on every hole.

 1st Prize        87 Points     Helen Russell            Woodsome Hall

                                          Sue Gillespie            Woodsome Hall

                                          Anne Lightowlers    Crosland Heath

                                          Rosie Andrews        Crosland Heath


2nd Prize      85 Points        Sue Tolman             Woodsome Hall

                                           Jill Fotheringham    Woodsome Hall

                                            Yvonne Holme       Hickleton

                                            Pat Smith                 Hickleton


3rd Prize       83 Points        Carol Dudley          Woodsome Hall

                                           Jayne Helliwell        Bingley St Ives

                                           Mary Patmoore       Bingley St Ives

                                           Linda Randasan      Bingley St Ives


Nearest the line on 2nd    Diane Ingham          Ryburn

Nearest the pin on 13th   Jayne Helliwell         Bingley St Ives


Captain's Weekend - Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June 2018

The competition was played in wonderful weather, the only exception was a 10 minute down pour during the first round.

There was an exceptional turnout with 198 players taking part with 60 making it through to the final day on Sunday.

This competition forms a major part of the Captains year, all competitors, everyone who took part and those who came to the prize presentation were thanked by The Captain, Mr Steven Armitage for making the weekend the success that it was.  The Captain and his wife stayed overnight in the Dormy House on Friday and Saturday as it was a 6.30am morning start for the first round.

Congratulations to the following winners;                             

Winner                            Sean Mulcahy          15           66 + 70  136

Runner Up                      Chris Llong                  6            70 + 70  140

3rd Place                         Ian Cooper                 8            70 + 71  141

Best Gross                      Rob Scollick                2            71 + 76  147

Best 1st Round Nett     Andy Green              10           66

Best 2nd Round Nett    Andy Bridgewood      6          70

Best Senior                     David Mitchell          19          74 + 70  144

Best Junior                      Seb Crabtree              4          69 + 70  139

Sean Mullcahy                       Chris Long 

Winner:  Sean Mullcahy                                                             Runner Up:  Chris Llong

Ian Cooper          Rob Scollick 

3rd Place:  Ian Cooper                                                                Best Gross:  Rob Scollick

Andy Green          Andy Bridgewood

Best 1st Round Nett:  Andy Green                                            Best 2nd Round Nett:  Andy Bridgewood

David Mitchell      Seb Crabtree

Best Senior:  David Mitchell                                                          Best Junior:  Seb Crabtree


Seniors Open Competition - 4th June 2018

Congratulations to the following winners:

1st Place: David Wright & Barry Gow (Doncaster GC)  -  Score 47

2nd Place: Steve Fairbank & P Hall (Hessle GC)  -  Score 46

3rd Place: Ian Palmer & Bill Cunningham (Waterton Park GC)  -  Score 44 (Last Nine 23, better last 3)

4th Place: Colin Barnes & David Jackson (Elsham GC) Score 44 (Last Nine 23)

5th Place: J Cheetham & R Blackburn (Wakefield GC)  -  Score 43 (Last Nine 25)

We hope everyone who played enjoyed the day.


Ladies Open AM AM 2018 – Results

 Ist Place:            87 points (wins on a countback)

Rebecca O’Grady (Howley Hall) Janet Roberts (Howley Hall) Sarah Chapman (Wath) & Jenny Ellis (Wath)

2nd Place:          87 Points

Wendy Chappell (Hallamshire) Andrea Court (Hallamshire) Maureen Keely (Hallamshire) & Julie Wilson (Hallamshire)

3rd Place:           81 Points

Elaine Mackie (Crow Nest Park) Monica Murphy (Crow Nest Park) Carole Hampson (Crow Nest Park) & Julie Longfield (Crow Nest Park)

4th Place:            80 Points (wins on a countback)

Linda Barker (Otley) Jean Graham (Otley) Carol Patterson (Rudding Park) & Pam Spenley (Rudding Park)

Nearest the pin: Betty Sworowski (Wath)

Nearest the line: Lesley Douglas (Wakefield)     

Congratulations ladies and well done to everyone who took part.        


Yorkshire Veterans Ladies Golf Association Championship

 Held at Woodsome Hall Golf Club on 1st to 3rd May 2018                                     


After a very wet winter and very little golf played. The morning of the Championship arrived with bright sunshine and eagerly awaiting to play during the day were 97 ladies.

The 16 best gross scores were required to play in the match play over the next 2 days.

Also there was a Tri Am competition the next day for those players who did not qualify for the match play stages.

The winners of the TRI AM were Kate Morley (Crosland Heath) Sheila Selbie (Woodsome Hall) & Chris Lamont (Outlane) 73 and Runners up were Julia Smith & Chris Wright (both Rotherham & Diane Bennett (Scarcroft) 71.

On the morning of the match play we arrived at the course to very wet weather which cleared up and all matches went out on time. There were some very tight matches on the first day and the semi-finalists were Pat Wrightson, Sandra Paul (both Huddersfield) Alison Clark (Hull) & Carol Simpson (Malton & Norton).

The afternoon final was between Pat Wrightson & Carol Simpson, with some very good golf from both players and the winner was Pat Wrightson.


                    Congratulations to the winner: - Professor Pat Wrightson


Thank you to the members of Woodsome Hall for their support, especially Mr Captain Steve Armitage for being the Starter at the beginning on the 1st day and Mr Smith later. For the Vice President Mr Roger Ellis to come on the first day was very much appreciated.

Thank you all Woodsome Staff for all their work during the 3 days, the early starts ladies wanting food and drink at any time. I must not forget the Green keeping staff, who came in at the crack of dawn to prepare the course to be at its best.

Sarah Arrowsmith

YVLGA Captain.





Woodsome Masters Golf Challenge - Sunday 8th April 2018

The winners were:

Ashley Thompson & Johnny Turner, with a score of 100  -  Their Professional was Jordan Spieth whose final round score was 64.

The prizes were £25 each in pro-shop vouchers.


March 2018

 Please Click on the link below to view the new members handbook. Essential reading for all prospective members. Enjoy.



Please click on the link below to view our Social functions for 2018.



Mixed Foursomes Winners 2017

Congratulations to Mr Jonathan Thornton and Mrs Val Eastwood who received their trophies at the Annual Mixed Dinner on Friday, 1st December 2017.













































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